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As of July 13, 2024, this is the most current version available.

It has been in effect since September 10, 2004.

Last amendment included: M.R. 168/2004


Note: Earlier consolidated versions are not available online.

Amendment Title Registered Published
168/2004 Farm Lands (The Registry Act) Regulation, amendment 10 Sept. 2004 25 Sept. 2004
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Farm Lands (The Registry Act) Regulation, M.R. 328/87 R

Règlement sur les terres agricoles, R.M. 328/87 R

The Registry Act, C.C.S.M. c. R50

Loi sur l'enregistrement foncier, c. R50 de la C.P.L.M.

Regulation 328/87 R
Registered August 31, 1987

bilingual version (HTML)

Règlement 328/87 R
Date d'enregistrement :  le 31 août 1987

version bilingue (HTML)

1   Any area of farm land of five acres or less is exempt from the operation of section 20 of The Registry Act.

1   L'article 20 de la Loi sur l'enregistrement foncier ne s'applique pas aux terres agricoles d'une superficie inférieure ou égale à 5 acres.

2   Repealed.

M.R. 168/2004

2   Abrogé.

R.M. 168/2004



M.R. 168/2004



R.M. 168/2004