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It has been in effect since September 14, 1989.

Last amendment included: M.R. 227/89


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Amendment Title Registered Published
227/89 Manitoba Regulation 99/86, amendment 14 Sept. 1989 30 Sept. 1989
Prescribed forms

Note:     The PDF and HTML versions of this regulation do not include the forms prescribed by it.
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Schedule or Form Title
Form 1 Notice of Intent Français
Form 2 Notice of Objection Français
Form 3 Heritage Notice Français
Form 4 Notice of Cancellation of Notice of Intent Français
Form 5 Notice of Appeal Français
Form 6 Notice of Revocation of Designation Français
Form 7 Amended Heritage Notice Français
Form 8 Application for a Heritage Permit Pursuant to subsections 12(1) and 12(2) Français
Form 9 Heritage Resources Impact Français
Form 10 Development Plan Français
Form 11 Heritage Permit Français
Form 12 Municipal Notice of Intent Français
Form 13 Municipal Notice of Appeal Français
Form 14 Municipal Heritage Notice Français
Form 15 Application for Heritage Permit to Remove a Heritage Object from Manitoba Français
Form 16 Application for Heritage Permit to Search for or Excavate a Heritage Object Français
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Heritage Resources Forms Regulation, M.R. 99/86

Règlement sur les formules relatives au patrimoine, R.M. 99/86

The Heritage Resources Act, C.C.S.M. c. H39.1

Loi sur les richesses du patrimoine, c. H39.1 de la C.P.L.M.

Regulation 99/86
Registered April 30, 1986

bilingual version (HTML)

Règlement 99/86
Date d'enregistrement : le 30 avril 1989

version bilingue (HTML)

The forms attached hereto, numbered 1 to 16, are prescribed for use under The Heritage Resources Act.

Le recours aux formules 1 à 16 annexées aux présentes est requis en application de la Loi sur les richesses du patrimoine.

April 30, 1986Minister of Culture, Heritage and Recreation/

30 avril 1986Le ministre de la Culture, du Patrimoine et des Loisirs,

Judy Wasylycia-Leis

Forms for Use Under The Heritage Resources Act

Formules à utiliser en application de la Loi sur les richesses du patrimoine