R.S.M. 1990, c. 141

The Portage Radial Railway and Canal Company Incorporation Act

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1 Incorporators
2 Capital stock
3 Head office
4 When company may commence operations
5 Transfer of shares
7 Powers of the company
8 Regulations concerning collection of fares
9 Regulations for providing for safety of passengers
10 Holding of real estate, etc.
11 Use of streets and highways with consent of municipalities
12 Acquisition of municipal plants
15 Form of deed of land to company
17 Certain sections of The Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act to apply
18 Powers of directors to make by-laws concerning selling of stock, etc.
19 Sections of The Manitoba Railway Act incorporated
20 Issue of bonds and debentures
21 Provision re issue of bonds
22 Receiving aid
23 Saving clause as regards several companies
24 Rights in Winnipeg and St. Boniface subject to consent of cities
25 Steam may be used for construction purposes elsewhere than on public highways
26 Time of commencement and completion