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RSM 1990, c. 123: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 123

The Neepawa and Duck Mountain Railway Company Incorporation Act

1 The "Neepawa and Duck Mountain Railway Company"
2 Powers of company to construct a certain line of railway
3 Power to build bridges
4 Plans to be submitted to Governor-General
5 Telegraph and telephone lines
6 Privisional directors and their authority
7 Capital stock how divided and applied
8 Percentage to be paid up
9 Paid-up stock
10 Paid-up stock to contractors
11 Bonuses
12 First general meeting of stockholders
13 Qualification of directors
14 Election of director
15 General meetings and election of directors
16 Calls on shares
17 Power to own elevators and vessels
18 Issue of bonds
19 Issue of preference shares
20 Trustees of land held by company and expenditure of receipts therefor
21 Lands sold discharged from liens
22 Unpaid bondholders to become qualified for directors
23 Bonds, etc. transferable by delivering until registered
24 Company to have power to make notes, etc.
25 Powers to make running arrangements
26 Leasing powers
27 Acquisition of lands for stations, right of way, etc.
28 When road to be commenced and finished
29 Conveyances of land to company
30 Powers under "Railway Act"
31 Coming into force of Act