R.S.M. 1990, c. 14

The Bonnet Falls Power Company Incorporation Act

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1 Incorporation
2 Head Office
3 Capital stock
4 Provisional directors
5 First general meeting of the shareholders
6 Annual general and special meetings
7 Number of directors
8 Company not dissolved by failure of election
9 General powers of the directors
10 Qualifications of a director
11 Directors may vote by proxy
12 Director may have contract with company
13 Limited liability
14 Liabilities of persons holding stock in trust
15 Voting on stock held in trust
16 General powers of the company
17 Power to construct and operate a railway
18 Bridges
19 Telegraph and telephone lines
20 Use of streets, roads, lanes, etc.
21 Agreements between company and municipalities
22 Appeal to L.-G.-in-C. on failure to agree
23 By-laws of municipalities to carry agreements into effect
24 Collection of fares
25 Power to interfere with property of private individuals in putting in services
26 Service pipes, wires, etc., for private properties
27 Contracts with municipalities
28 Rights of the company on discontinuance of service
29 Remedies in case service not paid for
30 Grants, bonuses and exemptions in favor of company
31 Amalgamation with other company
32 Dealing in stocks, bonds, etc., of other companies
33 Borrowing powers
34 Allotment and issue of shares
35 Sale or pledge of unissued shares
36 Directors may issue bonds, etc.
37 Sale or pledge of bonds for raising funds
38 No bond for less than $100
39 Bonds may be issued successively
40 Security for bonds by mortgage of whole undertaking
41 Which shall be first charge thereon
42 Bondholders deemed mortgagees
43 Registration of bonds
44 Use of bills and notes in name of company
45 Registering mortgage securing bonds
46 Additional borrowing powers
47 Winnipeg and St. Boniface protected
48 All appropriate clauses of Railway Act and Expropriation Act to apply to company
49 W.E.S.R. Co. protected
50 Time for commencement and completion of works
51 Rates subject to approval of L.-G.-in-C.