R.S.M. 1987, c. M255

The Municipal Council Conflict of Interest Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Subsidiary corporation.
(2) Control.
(3) Subsidiary includes subsidiaries.
3 City of Winnipeg.
(2) Area includes additional zone.
4 Indirect pecuniary interest.
(2) Exception for indemnity or expenses.
(3) No pecuniary interest in certain transactions.
(4) Presumption of indirect pecuniary liability.
(5) Interest or liability must be significant.
(6) Appointments.
(7) Employees of public bodies.
(8) Contribution to municipal budget.
5 Disclosure during meetings.
(2) All official meetings included.
(3) Absence from meeting.
6 Record of compliance.
(2) Central record of disclosures.
(3) Information disclosed at open meeting.
(4) Information disclosed at closed meeting.
(5) Central record open to public.
7 Reduced quorum.
(2) Application to Municipal Board.
(3) Order of Municipal Board.
(4) Referral to city council.
8 Voidability of transaction or procedure.
9 Statement of assets and interests.
(2) Notification of failure to comply.
(3) Further statement after acquisition or disposal.
10 Assets and interests which must be disclosed.
11 General exemptions.
12 Continuing disclosure.
13 Statements not available to public.
(2) Exception for councillors.
(3) Limited disclosure.
14 Insider information.
15 Compensation for services.
16 Use of influence.
17 Right to appear.
(2) "Meeting" defined.
(3) No right to vote.
18 Disqualification for violation.
(2) Disqualification for failure to file statement.
(3) Effect on other business.
19 Application by clerk to Q. B.
20 Application by elector to Q.B.
(2) Affidavit and security for application.
(3) Summary dismissal or authorizing of application.
21 Disposition after hearing.
(2) Penalty for violation.
22 Unknowing or inadvertent breach.
23 Election not to preclude application.
24 Application for restitution.
25 Limitation period for declaration.
(2) Limitation period for order of restitution.
26 No other proceedings.
27 Summary Convictions Act not to apply.