This is an unofficial archived version of The Manitoba Health Research Council Act
as enacted by SM 1987-88, c. 9 on July 17, 1987.

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R.S.M. 1987, c. H28

The Manitoba Health Research Council Act

Table of contents

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:



In this Act

"council" means The Manitoba Health Research Council; ("Conseil")

"minister" means the member of the Executive Council charged by the Lieutenant Governor in Council with the administration of this Act. ("ministre")



The Manitoba Health Research Council is continued as a body corporate.

Composition of council.


The council shall consist of

(a) two persons appointed by the University of Manitoba; and

(b) not less than five nor more than 10 persons of whom at least half shall be professionals in the health sciences, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.



The council shall promote and assist basic, clinical and applied research in the health sciences in Manitoba and advise the minister in respect of such matters relating to health research as the minister may refer to the council for its consideration.

Powers of council.


The council in carrying out its functions under subsection (1) may

(a) from moneys received by the council, provide funds for research in the health sciences;

(b) establish and maintain a registry of research funding in Manitoba;

(c) publish and distribute such scientific and technical information relating to the work of the council as the council considers necessary; and

(d) advise the minister on health research funding priorities.



The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint a member of the council as chairman thereof.



The members of the council shall elect one of its members to be vice-chairman who shall act as chairman when the chairman is absent or when there is a vacancy of the office of chairman.

Term of office of chairman.


The chairman of the council shall be appointed to hold office for a term not to exceed five years.

Term of office of other members.


Members of the council (other than the chairman) shall be appointed to hold office for such terms not exceeding three years as will insure as far as possible that the terms of office of not more than one-half of the members expire in any year.

Eligibility for re-appointment.


A retiring chairman or other member is eligible for re-appointment to the council in the same or another capacity, for one additional term.



Members of council may receive from the council reimbursement for expenses incurred in the course of performing their duties under this Act.



The council may make by-laws for the regulation of its proceedings and generally for the conduct of its activities including the establishment of such committees of the council as deemed necessary.

Staff and contracts for services.


The council may

(a) employ administrative, technical or clerical personnel necessary for the proper conduct of the work of the council; and

(b) enter into agreements with any other organization or person for the provision of services deemed necessary for the work of the council.

Fiscal year end.


The fiscal year end of the council shall be March 31 of each year.



The Minister of Finance on the requisition of the minister, may make grants to the council from and out of the Consolidated Fund with moneys authorized under an Act of the Legislature to be so paid and applied.

Acquisition of moneys by gift, etc.


The council may acquire money, securities or other property by gift, bequest, or otherwise and may expend, administer or dispose of such money, securities or other properties subject to the terms, if any, upon which such money, securities or other property is given, bequeathed or otherwise made available to the council.

Health Research Council Fund.


Moneys, securities and any other properties acquired by the council under subsection (1) shall be set up in the accounts of the council as a separate fund to be known as: "The Manitoba Health Research Council Fund".



The accounts and financial transactions of the council shall at least once in each year be audited and reported on by an auditor, who may be the Provincial Auditor and appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and the cost thereof shall be paid by the council.

Special audits.


Notwithstanding subsection (1) and in addition thereto, the Lieutenant Governor in Council or the Provincial Auditor may at any time order an audit of or an investigation into the accounts or affairs of the council and where the Lieutenant Governor in Council orders an audit or investigation, he shall designate the person, who may be the Provincial Auditor, to make the audit or investigation.



The council shall, after the termination of each fiscal year, prepare and transmit to the minister a report relating to the activities of the council for that fiscal year including the financial statement of the council and the auditor's report and upon receiving the report the minister shall lay a copy thereof before the Assembly forthwith if it is then in session and, if it is not then in session, within 15 days of the commencement of the next ensuing session.

Special reports.


In addition to the reports required under subsection (1), on the request of the minister the council shall provide the minister with a report on any matter relating to the activities of the council or to research in the health sciences specified by the minister.