R.S.M. 1987, c. F150

The Forest Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Minister to regulate and administer, etc.
3 Forestry Branch.
4 Administration of provincial forests.
5 Staff.
6 Inspection of premises.
7 Members of department not to hold property from Crown.
8 Agreements with Canada and other provinces, etc., authorized.
(2) Building of roads, etc.
9 Sale of timber on land sold.
10 Timber on leased land.
11 Disposition of cutting rights for Crown timber.
(2) Tenders.
(3) Appeal.
(4) Arbitration.
12 Transfer of timber cutting rights.
13 Returns.
14 Control of public management areas.
15 Withdrawal of portion of timber berth or timber sale.
16 Licence for scaler.
17 Forms, etc.
(2) Penalty.
18 Issue of forest management licence.
(2) Period of licence.
(3) Timber covered by licence.
(4) Rights of licensee.
(5) Right of seizure.
(6) Extension of area.
(7) Cost of survey.
(8) Method of payments to Crown.
19 Option licences.
20 Licence subject to mineral rights.
(2) Compensation to licensee.
(3) Minister may permit prospecting.
21 Renewal of licence.
(2) Terms and conditions.
22 Negotiation for surrender.
23 Disposition of lands within a provincial forest.
(2) Roads, etc., to be part of provincial forest.
24 Management of provincial forests.
25 L. G. in C. may acquire lands in provincial forest
26 Expropriation Act to apply.
27 Provincial park lands within provincial forests.
28 Prohibition on cutting timber on Crown forest lands.
29 Cutting timber without authority.
(2) Costs of illegally cut timber may be recovered.
30 Seizure in execution of duties.
(2) Warrant to enter and seize.
(3) Seizure without warrant
31 Disposition of timber.
(2) Disposition of other things.
(3) Application for earlier possession.
(4) Order by justice.
(5) Where person unknown.
32 Release of timber upon payment of dues.
33 Case of mixture.
34 Payment of dues, etc.
(2) Seizure for unpaid fees, etc.
(3) Sale of timber.
(4) Application by alleged debtor.
(5) Order of restitution, etc.
(6) Alternative remedy.
35 Officer may call in assistance.
36 Arrest by conservation officer.
37 Penalty.
38 Application of Part IV.
39 Suspension and cancellation of licence, etc.
(2) Notice and hearing before cancellation.
(3) Service of notice.
(4) Notice of cancellation.
(5) Appeal to judge.
(6) Application of The Summary Convictions Act.
(7) Security for costs.
40 Interest on unpaid dues.
41 Regulations.
42 Consolidated Fund.
43 Annual reports by minister.
(2) Five year reports by minister.