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The Fire Departments Arbitration Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. F60

The Fire Departments Arbitration Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Words and expressions in principal Act.
3 Application of Act.
4 Application of principal Act to collective bargaining.
5 Notice to commence collective bargaining.
(2) Effect of notice.
(3) Where no collective agreement in force.
6 Application for arbitration board.
(2) Time limit on application.
(3) Earlier application for arbitration board.
7 Power of municipality to vary date for giving of notice.
(2) Notice of passing of by-law.
(3) Effect of variation of date.
8 Establishment of arbitration board.
9 Continuation of existing agreement.
10 Appointment, procedures, etc., of arbitration board.
(2) Terms of reference.
(3) Change in terms of reference.
11 Effort to secure collective agreement.
(2) Award where no agreement.
(3) Date of award.
(4) Clarification of award.
(5) Effect of award.
12 Commencement of agreement or award.
(2) Term of agreement or award.
(3) Continuation of agreement or award.
(4) Effect of by-law under sec. 7 on award.
13 Lockouts forbidden.
(2) Strikes forbidden.
14 Apportionment of expenses.
(2) Amount of remuneration and expenses.
(3) Witness fees.
(4) Clerical assistance.
15 Penalty for municipality.
(2) Penalty for person.
(3) Penalty for trade union.
(4) Penalty for offices.
16 General penalties.