R.S.M. 1987, c. D30

The Dental Association Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Persons deemed practising dentistry.
(2) Exceptions.
(3) Work by students.
(4) Authorized services not prohibited.
(5) Responsibility of dentist.
4 Membership.
5 Power of board.
6 Composition of board.
(2) Electoral districts.
(3) District directors.
(4) Term of office.
(5) Electors.
(6) Candidates.
(7) Place of practice.
7 Officers of the association.
8 Committees.
9 Function and duties of board.
(2) The board may make rules.
(3) Conduct of business by resolution.
10 Registration of members.
11 Effect of registration.
12 Inspection of register.
13 University sole examiner.
(2) Conditions for granting certificate.
(3) Examinations required before being permitted to practise.
(4) Examinations.
(5) Fees and evidence of qualifications, etc.
(6) Recognition of other schools, colleges, etc.
(7) Certificate to candidate.
14 Dominion Dental Council certificates.
(2) Certificate of National Dental Examining Board as qualification.
(3) Effect of cancellation of certificate of examining board.
15 Eligibility for registration.
(2) Form of certificate.
16 Persons convicted ineligible for registration.
(2) Registration not to be refused.
17 Registrar to rule on registrations.
(2) Where registration refused.
18 Incorrect entries on register.
19 Minors not to be registered.
20 Unauthorized practise.
(2) Practise for corporation prohibited.
(3) Unlicensed and unregistered person not to act as proprietor, etc., in office of dentist.
(4) Dentist not prohibited from employing a person.
21 Entitlement to payment.
22 Registrar's certificate.
23 Effect of omission to register.
24 Board shall hold inquiry where complaint made.
(2) Board may hold inquiry.
(3) Notice to be served.
(4) Notice of inquiry.
(5) Effect of service by post.
(6) Proof of service.
(7) Inquiry may be held in absence of person under inquiry.
(8) Witnesses.
(9) Administration of oaths.
(10) Subpoenas.
(11) Allowance for witnesses.
(12) Copies of convictions.
(13) Method of giving evidence.
25 Suspension of members.
(2) Notice of suspension.
(3) Method of giving notice of suspension.
(4) Proof of service.
(5) Inquiry to proceed expeditiously.
26 Member guilty of unprofessional conduct, etc.
(2) Expenses of inquiries.
(3) Copy of order may be filed in court.
(4) Compensation to members.
27 Employment of counsel.
(2) Representation by counsel.
28 Appeal from order of board.
(2) Method of appeal.
(3) Copy of proceedings before board.
(4) Decision by court.
(5) Costs of appeal.
29 Restoration of members.
30 Protection of members.
31 By-law for establishment of dental Clinics.
32 Penalty for fraudulent application for registration.
33 Penalty for practising without a licence.
(2) Injunction against unlawful practice.
34 Penalty for unauthorized assumption of dental title.
35 Penalty for unauthorized use of dental title.
36 Penalty for falsification of register.
37 Fines to be paid to magistrate.
38 Imprisonment
39 Proof of offence.
40 Who may prosecute complaint
41 Limitation.
42 Stay of proceedings.
43 Rules continued.
(2) New rules to be mailed.
(3) Written request for ratification.
44 Limitation of actions.
(Section 15(2))