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The Business Names Registration Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. B110

The Business Names Registration Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Declarations and registration thereof.
(2) Exemption of professional persons.
(3) Erection of signs.
3 Contents of declaration.
(2) Time of registering declaration.
(3) Publication of declaration.
4 Changes in membership.
(2) Changes in business name.
(3) Registering dissolution of partnership.
5 Expiry of registrations.
(2) Renewal of registration.
(3) Failure to renew before expiry.
6 Form of declaration.
7 Limited partnership.
(2) Publication of registration.
(3) Body corporate as limited partner.
8 Registering notice of dissolution of limited partnership.
(2) Notice.
9 Record of declaration.
10 Disposition of fees.
11 Administration of Act.
12 Similar names not to be registered.
(2) Prohibited names.
(3) Exception
(4) Use of name of dissolved partnership, corporation, etc.
(5) Reservation of name.
13 Direction of Director for change of name.
14 Application to judge to review name of partnership, etc.
(2) Registering order.
15 Certified copies, searches and certificates of search.
(2) Form of certificate of search.
(3) Admissibility of certificate in evidence.
(4) Certificate of Director.
(5) Mechanically reproduced signature.
16 Records may be microfilmed.
(2) Certification of records.
(3) No need for original.
17 Cancellation of registration.
(2) Cancellation for non-compliance.
18 Regulations.
19 Appointment of Director.
20 Offence and penalty.
(2) Order to comply.