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The Architects Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. A130

The Architects Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
(2) Actions by draughtsmen, students, superintendents, etc.
2 Continuation.
(2) Powers.
(3) Limitations.
(4) What real estate may be acquired and held.
(5) Investments of funds.
3 Objects and powers.
(2) Power to make by-laws.
4 Head office.
5 Classes of membership and qualifications.
6 Council.
(2) Member councillors.
7 Annual meeting for election of council.
(2) Default in election.
(3) By-laws respecting membership of council, etc.
(4) Vacancies provided for.
8 President and vice-presidents.
(2) Term of office.
(3) Secretary and treasurer.
(4) Other officers.
(5) Committees.
9 By-laws for government of the association and members.
(2) General meeting may amend.
(3) By-laws mailed to members.
10 Professional liability claims fund.
(3) Claims fund a separate fund.
(4) Investment and administration.
(5) Levy for claims fund.
(6) Professional liability insurance.
(7) Use of moneys in claims fund.
(8) Rules.
11 Power to make arrangements with university.
(2) Use of libraries, etc.
(3) Affiliation.
12 Examinations.
(2) Qualification for membership.
(3) Conditions of admission, and appeal.
(4) Candidate for admission.
(5) Completion of R.A.I.C. syllabus.
(6) Special examinations.
(7) Fees.
13 Limitation of personal liability.
(2) Effect of death of member or cessation of membership.
14 Suspension or expulsion.
15 Who may use the designation "architect" or "architects".
(2) Use of "architects" by firms.
(3) Waiving requirements for office, etc.
(4) Death of a member.
(5) Declarations to be signed and filed with the secretary.
16 Practice by corporations.
17 Plans, etc. to bear architects seal.
18 Corporation to provide association with certain information.
19 Issuance of Certificate of Approval.
20 Joint and several liability of member.
21 Issuance of stamp.
22 Renewal or revocation of certificate of approval.
23 Application of provisions to revocation of certificate of approval.
24 Practise by non-resident corporations.
25 Work that may be done by non-members.
(2) Limitation.
(3) Name and address of person preparing plans to be given.
26 Penalties.
(2) Burden of proof.
(3) Disposition of penalty.
(4) Enforcement of payment.
(5) Proof of offence.
27 Preparation of plans for own use.
28 Seal.
(2) Sealing of drawings, etc.
29 Record of names in book or register.
(2) Membership.
(3) Book or register to be prima facie evidence.
30 Disposition of registration fees.
31 Appeals to Court of Queen's Bench.
32 Returns to L. G. in C. provided for.