R.S.M. 1987, c. A85

The Animal Diseases Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Notice of disease to be given.
(2) Notice to be given by veterinarian.
(3) Further notice.
3 Examination, quarantine, treatment and disposal.
4 Destruction of diseased animals.
(2) Exhumation.
(3) Examination of diseased or dead animals.
5 Public display, etc. of animals.
(2) Notification of director.
6 Appointment of inspectors.
(2) Powers of inspectors.
(3) Federal inspectors as inspectors under this Act.
(4) Payment.
7 Infected place.
(2) Adjoining area.
(3) Variation of order.
(4) Prohibition against removal.
(5) Return of an animal or thing to infected place.
(6) Return at expense of owner or occupier.
8 Proof of orders.
9 Proof of certificate.
10 Vehicles to be cleaned, etc.
(2) Inspector may cause work to be done.
(3) Diseased carcass disposal.
11 Dead animal disposal.
(2) Dead animal collection and delivery.
(3) Assessment of costs.
(4) Contract with registered disposal plants.
12 Public sales yard inspection and licensing.
(2) Assessment of costs.
(4) Form of application and fee.
(5) Issue of permit.
13 Humane treatment of animals.
(2) Humane treatment during transport.
14 Central drug purchasing and distribution depot.
(2) Permit to sell veterinary drugs.
(3) Form of application.
(4) Issuing of permit.
(5) Compliance with The Pharmaceutical Act.
15 Compensation by municipality.
(2) Municipal grants for control programs.
16 Payment of compensation.
(2) Payment of grants.
17 Offences and penalties - obstruction.
(2) Other offences and penalties.
(3) Penalty where accused is a corporation.
18 Appeal.
(2) Powers of minister.
19 Regulations.