R.S.M. 1987, c. A30

The Agricultural Societies Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Objects of societies.
3 Former societies continued.
4 Where society may be organized.
5 Who qualified to be members.
(2) Addresses of members.
(3) Privileges.
(4) Firm or incorporated company may become member.
6 Officers.
7 Persons qualified to vote for officers.
8 Officers to be elected by ballot.
9 Term of office.
10 Appointment of secretary-treasurer.
11 Duties of secretary-treasurer.
12 Filling of office vacated.
13 Duty of superintendent when no officers.
14 Annual meetings.
15 Audit of books, etc.
16 Duties of official auditor.
17 Notice of annual or other meeting.
18 Failure to hold annual meeting in time appointed.
19 Order of business at annual meeting.
20 Duties of directors at annual meeting.
21 Meetings other than annual.
22 Meetings of directors, and notice thereof.
23 Quorum.
24 Superintendent.
25 Advisory board.
(2) Election of directors.
26 Meetings of advisory board.
27 Chairman of board.
28 Duties of superintendent.
29 Returns upon forms provided.
(2) Offence and penalty.
(3) Superintendent to report to minister.
(4) Saving respecting returns.
30 Members to make by-laws and regulations.
(2) Copy to be sent to superintendent.
31 Societies to be bodies corporate.
(2) Notice of meeting.
(3) Expropriation of land.
32 Time and place of exhibitions.
(2) When prizes are to be awarded superintendent notified.
(3) Joint exhibitions.
(4) Board of management of joint exhibition.
(5) Audit of accounts of joint exhibition.
(6) Procedure upon receipt of auditor's report.
(7) Report to be submitted to societies.
33 Use of funds.
(2) Deposit of funds.
34 Grants.
(2) Basis of grants.
(3) Cancellation of certificate.
(4) Organizations deemed to be agricultural societies.
(5) Classification of societies.
35 Building grants to societies.
(2) Aggregate grants.
(3) Discretion of minister as to grants.
36 Appointment of directors to museum.
37 Grants for horse racing.
(2) Retention of tax in lieu of grant.
38 Basis of grant.
39 Grants for other contests.
40 Act to be complied with.
41 What societies receive no grants.
42 No grants for similar classes in second exhibition in one year.
43 When grants may be withheld.
44 Gambling devices and immoral shows basis for withholding grants.
45 Dissolution of society by order.
(2) Notice in Gazette.
(3) Appointment of liquidator.
(4) Liquidator to observe reversionary interests.
(5) Disposal of property.
(6) Powers of liquidator.
(7) Deficiency of assets.
(8) Liquidators reports.
(9) Gift of surplus.
(10) Distribution of surplus.
46 Regulations.
47 Societies not entitled to appropriation.
48 Examination of books.
(Section 4)
(Section 4)