S.M. 1992, c. 60

The Appropriation Act, 1992

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1 Definition of "Main Estimates"
2 Money granted for 1992-1993
3(1) Authority for future commitments
(2) Voting of funds in subsequent years
4 Transfer of expenditure authority for the same purposes
5 Environmental Innovations Fund
6(1) Canada-Manitoba Enabling Vote
(2) Adjustments consequent upon transfers for Canada-Manitoba Winnipeg Core Area Renewed Agreement
(3) Adjustments for entries for sub-appropriation transfers to Canada-Manitoba Winnipeg Core Area Renewed Agreement
7(1) Money authorized for agreements with Canada
(2) Money expended in anticipation of agreements
8 Authority for expenditures in anticipation of recoveries
9 Lapse of appropriations
10 Power to borrow
11 Application of money
12 Coming into force