S.M. 1985-86, c. 24

An Act to amend The Law Society Act

(Assented to July 11, 1985)

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:

Subsec. 30.1(5) rep. and sub.


Subsection 30.1(5) of The Law Society Act, being chapter L100 of the Revised Statutes, is repealed and the following subsection is substituted therefor:

Levy for claims fund.


For the purposes of the claims fund, the society may levy assessments on such members or classes of members other than those who are in the full-time employment of

(a) the government; or

(b) an agency of the government as defined in The Civil Service Act except The Legal Aid Services Society of Manitoba; or

(c) a municipality;

and do not practise law in Manitoba outside the scope of their employment, and may exempt from the assessments such members or classes of members, as the society may determine.

Commencement of Act.


This Act comes into force on a day fixed by proclamation.

Note: This Act was proclaimed in force February 22, 1986. See Manitoba Gazette No. 7 February 15, 1986, page 285.