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Religious Exercises in Schools Regulation, M.R. 554/88

« Religious Exercises in Schools Regulation », R.M. 554/88

The Education Administration Act, C.C.S.M. c. E10

NOTE: This regulation was enacted in English only.

Loi sur l'administration scolaire, c. E10 de la C.P.L.M.

NOTE : Ce règlement a été adopté en anglais seulement.

version anglaise

Regulation 554/88
Registered December 14, 1988


1   In this regulation, "school" means a public school.

Religious exercises

2   Religious exercises in the schools shall consist of a Scripture reading, a prayer, and, whenever possible, a hymn, all of which may be chosen from the recommended Scripture selections, prayers, and hymns.

School time for religious exercises

3   The school time devoted to religious exercises shall not exceed 10 minutes in any one day.

Conduct of religious exercises

4(1)   Unless the school board directs otherwise by annual bylaw, religious exercises shall be held in each school.

4(2)   Conduct of religious exercises may involve the assistance of one or more pupils, but such assistance shall be on a completely voluntary basis.

4(3)   No teacher is required to conduct or to participate in religious exercises.


5   Manitoba Regulation 246/80 is repealed.

December 12, 1988THE ADVISORY BOARD:

Huguette Rempel, Chairperson