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Cattle Information Regulation, M.R. 50/96

« Cattle Information Regulation », R.M. 50/96

The Cattle Producers Association Act, C.C.S.M. c. C25

NOTE: This regulation was enacted in English only.

Loi sur l'Association des éleveurs de bétail, c. C25 de la C.P.L.M.

NOTE : Ce règlement a été adopté en anglais seulement.

version anglaise

Regulation 50/96
Registered March 15, 1996

Records to be kept

1   An information reporter shall keep and maintain complete and accurate records of

(a) the names and addresses of all persons from whom the information reporter has purchased or taken delivery of cattle in each calendar year;

(b) the number of cattle in each calendar year purchased or taken delivery of from persons referred to in clause (a); and

(c) the date of each transaction.

Information to be provided to the association

2(1)   Before February 1 in each year, an information reporter shall submit to the association the information referred to in clause 1(a) for the calendar year ending on the previous December 31.

2(2)   Within seven days after receiving a request from the association, an information reporter shall provide the association with a report containing the information referred to in clauses 1(b) and (c) and any further information it requests about the marketing of cattle or beef, and the report must be in a form acceptable to the association and contain the information and data requested.


3   The Cattle Information Regulation, Manitoba Regulation 15/89, is repealed.

Coming into force

4   This regulation comes into force on April 1, 1996.


Marlin Beever, President

Ken Malenko, Secretary