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Broiler Hatching Egg Price Order, M.R. 2/2013

« Broiler Hatching Egg Price Order », R.M. 2/2013

The Farm Products Marketing Act, C.C.S.M. c. F47

NOTE: This regulation was enacted in English only.

Loi sur la commercialisation des produits agricoles, c. F47 de la C.P.L.M.

NOTE : Ce règlement a été adopté en anglais seulement.

version anglaise

Regulation 2/2013
Registered January 3, 2013

This Order is made under the Manitoba Chicken Broiler Producers Marketing Plan Regulation, Manitoba Regulation 246/2004, and is Order No. 2, 2012 of Manitoba Chicken Producers.


1   In this Order, "saleable chick" means a chick hatched from a broiler hatching egg which is suitable for sale by a hatchery operator for chicken production.

Minimum price

2   Subject to section 3, the minimum price at which a broiler hatching egg produced within the province may be sold by any broiler hatching egg producer to a hatchery operator, until further order of the board, is hereby fixed at a farm gate price of $0.535 per saleable chick hatched from that egg.

Delivery adjustment to price

3   In the event a broiler hatching egg producer delivers broiler hatching eggs to a hatchery operator, the hatchery operator shall pay to such producer, in addition to the amount calculated pursuant to section 2, the sum of $0.0108 per saleable chick hatched from that egg so delivered to the hatchery operator.

Higher prices permitted

4   This Order does not prevent a broiler hatching egg producer from selling, or a hatchery operator from purchasing, broiler hatching eggs at a price in excess of the minimum price determined pursuant to this Order.


5   The Broiler Hatching Egg Price Order, Manitoba Regulation 39/2009, is repealed.

Coming into force

6   This Order comes into force on December 30, 2012 or on such date as it is registered with the Registrar of Regulations, whichever shall be later, and is applicable to eggs hatched on or after such date.

December 19, 2012Manitoba Chicken Producers:

Jake Wiebe, Chair

Wayne Hiltz, General Manager