C.C.S.M. c. L60

The Land Surveyors Act

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1 Definitions
2 Association continued
3 Who may be members
4(1) Power to hold property
(2) Power to dispose of property
5(1) By-laws that may be passed
(2) Preparation and enactment of by-laws
(3) Resolutions for by-laws
(4) Notice of meeting to ratify by-law
6(1) Executive council, how composed
(2) Quorum of council
(3) Calling of meetings
(4) Presiding officer
(5) Notice of meetings of council, how to be given
(6) Election of other officers
7(1) Annual General meeting
(2) Notice
(3) Special general meetings, calling of
(4) Notice
8(1) Election of officers at annual meeting
(2) Registrar may hold other office
9(1) Election by ballot
(2) Majority required
(3) Re-election
10(1) Scrutiny of ballots
(2) Excess of names
(3) Declaration of result
11 Person qualified to vote or hold office
12 Disposal of disputes as to elections
13 Council to fill vacancies
14(1) Duties of secretary-treasurer
(2) Audit of accounts
(3) Secretary-treasurer to give security by bond
(4) Secretary of executive council
(5) By-laws available to public
15(1) Duties of registrar
(2) Audit of registrar's accounts
16(1) Board of examiners, how composed and appointed
(2) Vacancies on board
(3) Oath of office
(4) Quorum
(5) Chairman of board
17(1) Annual examinations
(2) Supplemental examinations
(3) Special examinations
18 Remuneration of examination supervisors
19(1) Assistants to board of examiners
(2) Arrangements with universities, etc.
20 Standards of admission of students
21(1) Requirements before examination for admission to practise
(2) Surveyors not to have more than two students
(3) Limitation on articles
(4) Termination of articles
22 Completion of service as student with another surveyor
23 Assignment of articles
24(1) Filing of articles
(2) Service begins from time of filing
25 Notice of application for examination
26(1) Examination for admission to practise
(2) Other requirements
(3) Requirement of further period of service
27 Examination in stages
28(1) Commission to practise as surveyor, and security to be given and oaths to be taken
(2) Deposit
(3) Bond to be for the benefit of persons sustaining damage
(4) Publication in Gazette
29 Acquiring foreign citizenship
31 Appeal of requirements by board
32 Special requirements for certain graduates
33 Commission to practice
34 Register of surveyors to be kept
35 Manner of keeping register
36 Penalty for procuring registration by false statements
37 Penalty if register falsified
38(1) Removal of names from register
(2) Restoration of names
39 Effect of resignation or withdrawal
40 Suspension for conviction for crime
41(1) Inquiry and summons where no complaint made
(2) Summons proceeded with as complaint
(3) Disqualification of members of council
42(1) Complaints against members
(2) Hearing
(3) Reinstatement
(4) Discipline committee
(5) Powers and duties of discipline committee
(6) Complaint against member
(7) Notice of hearings
(8) Time and service of notice
(9) Proceeding in absence of persons concerned
(10) Evidence under oath
(11) Records of inquiry
(12) Reports of discipline committee
(13) Notice of decision
(14) Liability of members of council, etc.
(15) Rules respecting complaints
43 Witnesses
44(1) Appeal to Court
(2) Notice of appeal
(3) Copies of proceedings, etc.
(4) Appeal to Court of Appeal
(5) Order as to costs of appeal
(6) Practice while appeal pending
45 Articled students
46(1) Misconduct of members
(2) Acts of students on behalf of principal
47 Costs in case of frivolous complaints
48(1) Annual register of members to be kept
(2) "Surveyors' Annual Register"
(3) Copy of register as evidence
(4) Supplying of copies of register
(5) Certified copies
49 Annual membership fees
50 Consequences of non-payment of fees
51 Other fees
52 Recovery of fees
53 Exemption from payment of membership fees
54(1) Unauthorized practice prohibited
(2) Exception for architects and engineers
(3) Exception
(4) Penalty
(5) Sufficient proof of unauthorized practice
(6) Default in payment of fee
(7) Evidence of want of authority or non-payment of fees
55(1) Improper use of title or initials M.L.S.
(2) Penalty
56 Registration of plans
57(1) Offence and penalty
(2) Civil remedy not to prejudice
58(1) Offence and penalty
(2) Civil remedy not to prejudice
(3) Temporary removal of marks
59(1) Right of entry on lands for purpose of making survey
(2) Right of entry
(3) Order for entry
60 Compelling attendance before surveyor
61 Service of the subpoena
62 Penalty for refusal to obey subpoena or to give evidence required
63 Fines, fees, etc., to be property of association
64(1) Secretary-treasurer to receive all moneys and apply same
(2) Investment of surplus funds
(3) Office premises, examination halls, etc.
65(1) Method of sending notices and documents
(2) Sending of notices, etc., to municipal councils, etc.
66 Certificate of secretary-treasurer as evidence
67 Who may prosecute
68 Taking of oaths, etc.