C.C.S.M. c. H150

The Hotel Keepers Act

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1 Definitions
2 Lien for board and lodging
3 Responsibility for goods detained
4 Right to sell goods detained
5 Power to break open trunks, etc.
6(1) Notice of sale to be given
(2) Contents of notice
(3) Application of proceeds of sale and proceeds
(4) Duty of Registrar
7 Liability of hotel keeper for the property of his guests
8(1) Conditions whereby deposit made
(2) Receipt for property deposited
(3) Refusal of hotel keeper to receive valuables
9(1) Responsibilities of hotel keepers, etc., in respect of personal effects
(2) Where checking room provided
10 Undesirable persons may be ejected
11 Exemptions under Executions Act not to apply