C.C.S.M. c. G10


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1 Definitions
2 Garage keeper's lien
3 Right of detention and priority
4 Responsibility of garage keeper
5(1) Surrender of possession of vehicle, etc.
(2) Position of garage keeper and owner
(3) Financing statement
(4) Fee for registration
(5) Insertion of particulars in registry
(6) Cost of registration secured by lien
(7) Late registrations
(8) Order to be filed
6 Expiry of registered financing statement
7(1) Seizure under lien
(2) Replevin action
8 Intervening claims
9 Power of sale
10 When vehicle may be sold
11(1) Procedure for sale by auction
(2) Notice to other security holders
(3) Application of proceeds
(4) Disposition of surplus, if any
(5) Effect of sale on other security
12(1) Notice to debtor
(2) Notice by registered mail
13(1) Definitions
(2) Payment into court
(3) Form of notice of payment
(4) Statement of charges
(5) Notice to be signed by court officer
(6) Service of notice of payment
(7) Action within 30 days
(8) Failure to commence action
(9) Garage keeper to give up possession