C.C.S.M. c. E40

The Electoral Divisions Act

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1 Definitions
2 References to municipalities
3 Change of status of municipality
4 Reference by number to lots, etc.
5 Indian reserves, in electoral divisions
6 As to incorporated towns and villages
7(1) Number of electoral divisions
(2) Area and names of electoral divisions
8(1) Establishment of commission
(2) Membership of commission
(3) Appointment of staff and remuneration
(4) Remuneration of commission
(5) Charge on Consolidated Fund
(6) Temporary members of commission
(7) Where temporary member cannot act
(8) Duty of temporary member
9(1) Population quotient
(2) Estimate of population if census undercoverage
(3) "Total population" defined
10(1) Report of the commission
(2) When commission to begin work
(3) Report to be tabled in the Assembly
(4) If Assembly not sitting
(5) Report replaces Schedule at next dissolution
(6) Publication in Manitoba Gazette
11(1) Governing factors for consideration by commission
(2) Variation in population basis
(3) Population variation
12(1) Public hearings
(2) Notice of hearings
12.1 Expenses paid out of Consolidated Fund