S.M. 2006, c. 22

Bill 36, 4th Session, 38th Legislature

The Youth Drug Stabilization (Support for Parents) Act

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1 Definitions
2(1) Applying for an order
(2) Notice not required
(3) Form of application
(4) How to submit an application
(5) Evidence must be under oath
3(1) Applications by telephone and fax
(2) Evidence received by telephone
(3) Justice need not wait for documents
4(1) Making the apprehension order
(2) Peace officer's authority re order
(3) Reasonable measures
(4) Peace officer's duties re order
5 Facility must let youth exercise right to counsel
6(1) Expiry of order when youth is not apprehended
(2) Expiry of order when youth is apprehended
7(1) Assessment as soon as reasonably possible
(2) Issuing a stabilization order
(3) Assessment by second addictions specialist
(4) Order must be confirmed or youth released
(5) Failing to do second assessment
(6) Content of order
(7) Distribution of order
(8) Youth must be informed of right to a review
8(1) Addictions specialist may authorize release
(2) Authorization must be given to facility and youth
(3) Authorization terminates stabilization order
(4) Order expires after seven days
(5) Notice of termination of order
9 Release of youth
10 Treatment plan
11(1) Roster of reviewing officers
(2) Co-ordinator
12 Request to terminate stabilization order
13(1) Naming a panel and notifying facility
(2) Hearing and inquiries by review panel
(3) Youth may be present and provide information
(4) Matters to be considered by review panel
(5) Access to material to be reviewed
14 Evidence Act powers
15 Youth advocate
16(1) Review panel may determine procedure
(2) Hearing to be private, informal and non-disruptive
17(1) Decision of review panel
(2) Decision in writing
18 Communication of decision to youth and facility
19 Review does not operate as a stay of order
20 Mental Health Act orders
21(1) Confidentiality
(2) Exception
(3) FIPPA does not apply
22 Protection from liability
23 Regulations
24 Regulations designating stabilization facilities
25 C.C.S.M. reference
26 Coming into force