Court of King's Bench Forms


CPIC Registration Request

This form has been approved by the Court for use in court.

It has been prepared in Portable Document Format (PDF) and is provided by the Court as a public service. You can print the form and complete it in handwriting or, if you have PDF software with editing tools, you can fill in the form on a computer and print the completed form.

When printing the form:

•   use good quality printer paper, 216 mm x 279 mm (8.5" x 11"),

•   print only on one side of the paper.


If you print the form and complete it in handwriting, make sure the handwriting is readable.


If you complete the form on a computer before printing it:

•   do not change the format in any way,

•   use double spacing between lines.


If the form has a cover page, you must include it.


If your form includes a dollar amount, use a decimal point to show dollars and cents (e.g. $250.00).


If you need legal advice, call a lawyer or Legal Aid.