First Session, Thirty-Eighth Legislature

(June 23, 2003 — November 19, 2003)

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Government Bills
No. Sponsored by As distributed after First Reading As enacted
1 Hon. Mr. Doer An Act respecting the Administration of Oaths of OfficeFORMAL BILL (not printed)
2 Hon. Mr. Selinger
The Interim Appropriation Act, 2003 SM 2003, c. 1
3 Hon. Mr. Selinger
The Budget Implementation and Tax Statutes Amendment Act, 2003 SM 2003, c. 4
4 Hon. Mr. Selinger
The Loan Act, 2003 SM 2003, c. 2
5 Hon. Mr. Selinger
The Appropriation Act, 2003 (Main and Supplementary) SM 2003, c. 3