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The Agricultural Productivity Council Act

Date: June 13, 2006

C.C.S.M. c. A20


HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:


1           In this Act,

"council" means The Manitoba Agricultural Productivity Council established under this Act; (« Conseil »)

"minister" means the minister appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council to administer this Act. (« ministre »)

S.M. 2000, c. 35, s. 23.

Council continued

2(1)        The Manitoba Agricultural Productivity Council is hereby continued.


2(2)        The members of the council shall be appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and shall comprise not more than 12 persons.


2(3)        The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint one of the members of the council as chairman thereof.

Term of office

2(4)        Each member of the council shall hold office for a term of three years and thereafter until his successor is appointed, but he may be re-appointed to office for more than one term.


3(1)        The main objective of the council shall be to further the development of the agricultural industry of Manitoba in order that it may make a greater contribution to the economy of the province to the mutual benefit of those employed in the industry and to citizens of the province generally.

Specific objectives

3(2)        Without restricting the generality of subsection (1) and to promote the achievement of the objectives therein stated, the council has the following specific objectives:

(a) The definition of goals and objectives with respect to the agricultural industry and the means of achieving them.

(b) The consideration of obstacles to the economic growth and development of the agricultural industry of Manitoba and the development of means of overcoming them.

(c) The examination generally of any factors which may influence the cost of production and productivity and the competitive ability of the agricultural industry of Manitoba.

(d) The analysis and development of ideas and proposals calculated to benefit the agricultural industry of Manitoba.

(e) The examination and development of the means available to achieve

(i) the measures required for the promotion of major agricultural development projects and the means of implementing them;

(ii) the co-ordination of public and private activity in pursuance of the objectives and particularly the co-operation of all sectors of the agricultural industry of Manitoba in attaining a higher level of productivity; and

(iii) the adoption and implementation of plans and methods by which there may be brought to the attention of investors the opportunities that exist in the agricultural industry of Manitoba for the productive employment of capital.


4           Each member of the council shall be paid such remuneration for his services as may be fixed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, and, in addition, may be paid such travelling and out-of-pocket expenses necessarily incurred by him in discharging his duties as a member of the council, as the Minister of Finance may approve.


5(1)        The council shall meet at the call of its chairman but not less than once each three months.

Majority may call a meeting

5(2)        Notwithstanding subsection (1), when requested in writing to do so by a majority of the members of the council, the chairman of the board shall convene a meeting of the council as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so.


6           A majority of the members of the council constitutes a quorum.


7           The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall designate a member of the council to be vice-chairman thereof.

Powers of the council

8           The council is an advisory agent of the government and as such has no executive powers.

Rules of procedure

9           The council may make rules for the regulation of its proceedings and generally for the conduct of its business.

Employment of staff

10(1)       Subject to the approval of the minister, the council may appoint a secretary and such other employees as it considers necessary for the carrying out of its purposes.

Use of other departmental staff

10(2)       To assist the council, the government may, with the consent of the minister of the department concerned, on request from the council, make available to the council such officers and employees of any department of the government as may be required for the conduct of the business of the council.

Staff of Faculty of Agriculture

10(3)       To assist the council in carrying out its duties under this Act, it may, with the consent of the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture of The University of Manitoba, utilize the services of any member of that faculty.

Consolidated Fund

11          All moneys required to be expended for the purposes of this Act shall be paid from and out of the Consolidated Fund with moneys authorized by an Act of the Legislature, to be paid and applied for such purposes.

Annual report

12          The council shall submit to the minister a report of its activities within three months after the termination of each fiscal year.