RSM 1990, c. 215: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 215

The Winnipeg and Northern Railway Company Incorporation Act

1 Incorporators
2 Capital stock
3 Head office
4 Provisional directors
5 When first meeting of shareholders to be called
6 Board of directors
7 Qualifications of directors
8 Voting at directors' meetings
9 Calling of general meetings
10 President and vice-president
11 Issue of paid-up and non-assessable stock
12 Directors to control issue and transferring of shares
13 Other legislation to apply
14 Location of the railway
15 Telegraph and telephone lines
16 General Powers
17 Crossing highways
18 Use of streets and highways for poles, wires, etc.
19 Tracks on streets and highways
20 Agreements with municipal councils as to railway, telegraph and telephone lines
21 Passing by-laws to carry agreements into effect
22 Appeal to government when parties fail to agree on terms, etc.
23 Agreements and running arrangements with other railway company
24 Penalty for refusing to pay fares on cars
25 Contracts with municipalities for paving or otherwise improving streets or highways
26 Form of conveyance of land to company
27 Powers of the directors
29 Remedies for recovery of charges for services
30 General borrowing powers
31 Issue of bonds or debentures
32 Disposition of same
33 No bond to be for less than $100
34 Successive issues of bonds
35 Security for bonds or debentures by mortgage on the property
36 Bonds or debentures to be first charge on all property except that acquired under s. 16(b)
37 Bondholders to be mortgagees pro rata
38(1) On default, holders of bonds to have rights of shareholders
(2) If so provided in the mortgage and if bonds registered
(3) Other rights of bondholders not affected
39 Transfer of bonds
40 Bills and notes
41 Borrowing on current account or otherwise
43 Rights of W.E.S.R. not affected
44 Time for commencement and completion
45 Rates must be approved of by L.G. in C.
46 Consent of City of Winnipeg and Town of St. Boniface