R.S.M. 1990, c. 200

The United Church of Canada Act

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Table of Contents

1 Short title
2 Definitions
3 General Property Vested in The United Church
4 Property of Congregations
5 Short Form of Trust Deed
6 Special Property of Certain Congregations
7 Trustees
8 Property of Non-concurring Congregations
9 Powers of Commission in the Province
10 Liability for Congregational Debts
11 Colleges
12 Teaching in colleges
13 Existing Trusts Continued
14 Establishment of Boards and Committees
15 Power to Acquire and Dispose of Property
16 Proviso, Appointment of Subordinate Bodies
17 Exercise of Powers within the Province
18 Approval of Conference required in certain cases
19 Issue of Debentures
20 New Certificates of Title in Name of Trustees
21 Effect of General Legislation as to Religious Societies
22 Statutes of Mortmain not to Apply
23 First Meeting of the General Council
24 Interim Exercise of Powers
25 Resolutions of General Council
26 Copies of Certain Documents to be Evidence
27 Basis of Union Ratified and Confirmed
28 Act of Incorporation
29 Repeal of Inconsistent Enactments
30 Commencement of Act