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RSM 1990, c. 197: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 197

The Trustee Board of The Presbyterian Church in Canada Act

1 Definition of The Presbyterian Church in Canada
2 Power to acquire property
3 Property vested in board
4 Property vested in board subject to trusts
5 Property held by trustees to be transferred to board
6 Release of former trustees
7 Board to have power to enforce existing contracts
8 Income from funds held by board
9 Property conveyed to board for congregations to be formed
10 Property of congregations ceasing to exist
11 Act not to apply to certain trusts
12 Incidental powers of board
13 No personal liability on members of board
14 Execution of documents under sep.
15(1) Vacancies on board
(2) Filling vacancies on board
16 Power of General Assembly to remove members of board
17 Reports to General Assembly
18 Power of General Assembly, etc., to make regulations, etc.
19 Copies of documents to be evidence
20 Statutes of Mortmain not to apply
21 Commencement of Act