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RSM 1990, c. 163: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 163

The Rural Railway Company of Manitoba Incorporation Act

1 Incorporators
2 Capital stock
3 Head office
4 When company may begin operations
5 Provisional directors
6 First meeting of shareholders
7(1) Election of directors, five to nine in number
(2) Annual general meeting
8 Election of president and vice-president
9 "Railway Act" to apply
10 Powers and objects of the company
11 Construction of telegraph lines and bridges
12 Use of streets and highways
13 How rails to be laid
15 Remedy in case passenger refuses to pay fare
17 Acquisition of land for residences, townsites, parks and company
18 Power to supply sand, gravel, stones, etc., and to acquire land for such purpose
19 May carry on a general lumber and fuel business
20 May own and operate a navigation business
21 May contract with cities to clean streets, remove garbage, etc.
22 Form of deed to company of land
24 Municipalities may pass by-laws to carry agreements into effect
25 Company may receive bonuses
27 Transfer of shares
28 Dealing in property
29 Issue of bonds or debentures
30 Sale or pledge of securities to raise funds
31 Amount of each bond
32 There may be successive issues of bonds
33 Mortgage of undertaking to secure bonds
34 Securities to be a first claim and charge upon the whole undertaking
35 Holders of securities to be paid pro rata
36(1) If default made in payment, holders to have rights of shareholders
(2) But only if so provided in the mortgage and if bonds etc., duly registered
(3) Other rights of holders not taken away
37 Transfer of securities
38 Negotiable instruments to which company is a party
39 Rights of Winnipeg Electric Railway Company not to be infringed upon