R.S.M. 1990, c. 90

The Manitoba Central Railway Company Incorporation Act, 1888

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1 Names of corporators
2 Powers of Company to construct line of R'y and branch lines
3 Powers to construct telegraph and telephone lines and bridges
4 Clauses of R'y Act of Man. incorporated herewith
5 Provisional directors and their powers
6 Capital stock how divided and to be applied
7 Subscription for stock not binding on Co'y till 10 p.c. paid
8 Bonuses and loans in aid of construction
9 General meeting to be called so soon as 1-5 of stock subscribed
10 Election of directors
11 Votes of shareholders
12 Qualification of directors
13 General annual meeting of shareholders
14 Special general meetings
15 Conveyances of land to Company
16 Any person may hold stock and is entitled to all privileges thereon
17 Issue of bonds
18 Bonds hereby authorized to be first charge on Co'y and its property
19 Unpaid bondholders to become qualified for directors in certain cases
20 Bonds transferable by delivery till registered
21 Calls on shareholders to what extent and how made
22 Power to lease or purchase other Railway lines
23 Power of leasing its own line
24 Acquiring lands for stations, gravel pits, etc.
26 Amalgamation with C.P.R. or Man S.W.C. R'y prohibited
27 Deposit with Pro.-Treas to be made
28 Paid up shares issue of
29 Powers to acquire or purchase partially constructed line
30 Powers as to taking possession of same
31 Act to come in force