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RSM 1990, c. 75: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 75

The Interior Trust Company Incorporation Act

1 Interpretation
2 Continuation
3 Capital stock
4 Objects
5 Authorized to accept and execute
6 Approval as a trust company
7 Revocation of approval
8 Company to be subject to further orders
9 Rights and privileges of trustees
10 Capacity of natural person
11 Liability to certain persons
12 May hold certain real estate
13 May acquire, resell, or re-invest
14 Company as agent
15 May stipulate for interest
16 May amalgamate or takeover
17 Directors may borrow
18 Directors
19 Powers of directors
20 President and vice-president
21 Statement to be transmitted
22 Act of directors saving clause
23 Director liable for own deeds and defaults only
24 Directors may receive from shareholder any amount
25 Application in writing for shares
26 Register prima facie evidence
27 Documents relating to real estate free from trusts
28 Shareholder liable for amount not paid up
29 Limit of liability
30 One vote for each share
31 Subsequent shareholders
32 Register of shareholders
33 Register of transfers
34 Decline to transfer
35 Shares in name of two persons
36 Calls upon shareholders
37 When call deemed to have been made
38 Payment of amount of calls
39 Shareholder neglects to pay
40 Suit for the recovery of arrears
41 Head office and agencies
42 Service
43 Authentication by company
44 Service by mailing
45 Trust funds not liable
46 No personal liability as a shareholder for executor, etc.
47 Executors' vote and voting of pledged stock
48 Foreign agencies
49 Application of general laws
50 Corporations Act applies
51 No debentures