R.S.M. 1990, c. 55

The First Presbyterian Church Foundation Incorporation Act

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1 Continuation
2(1) Establishment and membership of board
(2) Term of office of members of board
(3) Filling out vacancies
(4) Removal from office of board members
3 Powers of foundation
4(1) Appointment of trust companies to manage property
(2) Directions of donor to become effective
(3) Revocation and reappointment of trustee
5 Provision if Church ceases
6 Execution of transfers by board
7 Powers of trust companies
8(1) Board determine distribution of moneys
(2) Investment of donations
9 Appointment of secretary etc.
10(1) Form of donation
(2) Construction of Act
11 Specific trusts
12 Power of appointment, etc.
13(1) Annual audit
(2) Statement of future donations
(3) Information from trustees
14 By-laws