Date: June 12, 2008

C.C.S.M. c. L120

The Legislative Library Act

Table of contents

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:



In this Act

"minister" means the member of the Executive Council designated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council to be the minister under this Act.

S.M. 2001, c. 35, s. 40.

Legislative Library of Manitoba


The Department of the Legislative Library is continued as the Legislative Library of Manitoba.

S.M. 2001, c. 35, s. 40.

Appointment of librarian and staff


A librarian, to be known as the Legislative Librarian, and such employees and other persons as may be required to carry on the business of the library may be appointed as provided in The Civil Service Act.

S.M. 2001, c. 35, s. 40.

Power of minister to make rules, etc.


The minister may make orders and rules for the conduct of the internal business of the library, and prescribe regulations and forms for the guidance of the library's staff.

S.M. 2001, c. 35, s. 40.

Maintenance of library


A library shall be maintained for the use of the assembly and for such other purposes as are herein provided, in a room or rooms conveniently near the Legislative Chamber.

S.M. 2001, c. 35, s. 40.

Purchase of books, etc.


Subject to the approval of the minister, the librarian shall purchase all books, newspapers, pamphlets, magazines, reviews, reports, and publications, to be placed in the library.

Collection of Manitoba publications


A copy of every book, newspaper, pamphlet, magazine, review, report, or publication of any kind, prepared, printed or published in Manitoba, shall be furnished to the library where required by the librarian and requisitioned in writing.

S.M. 2001, c. 35, s. 40.

L. G. in C. may authorize


The Lieutenant Governor in Council may authorize the librarian

(a) to lend to libraries organized under any statute of Manitoba, any books, newspapers, pamphlets, reviews, reports or publications not required for the use of the assembly or any of its committees; and

(b) to participate in any plan for library services in the province.

S.M. 2001, c. 35, s. 40.

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