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The Manitoba Water Services Board Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. W90

The Manitoba Water Services Board Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Designation of newly constructed works.
3 Objectives of board.
4 Objectives of board.
5 General powers of board.
6 Powers of board.
(2) Application of Expropriation Act.
(3) Right of entry.
(4) Entry on lands of others for purposes of the water district.
(5) Arbitration proceedings not to prejudice works undertaken.
(6) Compensation for use of land, etc.
7 Powers to use streets and highways.
(2) Compensation not payable, repairs required.
(3) Indemnification of municipalities.
(4) Restriction on exercise of powers.
(5) Dispute as to use of highways.
(6) Works on closed road, etc.
8 Costs incurred by reason of street repairs, etc.
(2) Appeal to Public Utilities Board.
9 Discretion of board.
(2) Absolute discretion of board.
(3) Design criteria.
10 Request by municipality, etc., for a declared area.
(2) L. G. in C. may declare area.
11 Commencement of development.
12 Application to purchase water.
(2) Information with application.
(3) Board to establish estimated prices and conditions.
(4) Inquiries of or other interested municipalities.
(5) Agreement for water or sewage services.
(6) Board may refuse to enter into agreement.
13 Municipality to pass by-laws.
14 Board to develop source, etc.
15 Sale of excess supply of water.
(2) Sale for uses other than domestic.
(3) Inquiries of other municipalities and water districts.
16 Board to fix rates.
(2) Different rates.
(3) Factors to be considered in fixing rates.
(4) Further factors to be considered.
17 Appeal to Public Utilities Board.
(2) Decision on appeal.
18 Agreement to provide water or sewage services.
(2) Use of water purchased.
(3) Charges constitute debt.
19 Temporary bank borrowings.
20 Temporary advances by government.
21 Loans by government
(2) Fixing of rate of interest.
22 Power of board to borrow and mortgage.
(2) Limitation on borrowing powers.
(3) Reissue of redeemed securities.
(4) Form of securities.
(5) Forms of bonds and debentures.
23 Power of Lieutenant Governor in Council.
(2) Signing of guarantees.
(3) Discharge of liability guarantee.
24 Establishment of sinking fund.
(2) Minimum annual amount for sinking fund.
(3) Payment of sinking fund moneys to Min. of Fin.
(4) Sinking fund trust accounts.
(5) Repayment to province out of funds in hands of board.
(6) Omission or deferment of sinking fund payments.
25 Appointment of board members.
26 Chairman.
(2) Vice-chairman.
27 Salaries of members.
(2) Salaries to be part of operating expense.
(3) Duties of members.
28 Financial interest of members.
(2) Exception to interest in persons.
29 General manager.
(2) Remuneration of general manager.
(3) Duties of general manager.
30 Comptroller.
(2) Remuneration of comptroller.
31 Corporate status of board.
(2) Ancillary powers.
(3) Extra territorial capacity.
32 By-laws and employees.
(2) Use of government employees.
(3) Employing outside personnel.
33 Agency for Crown and holding of property.
(2) Disposition of property.
(3) Where approval of Lieutenant Governor in Council not required.
34 Acceptance of certificate by district registrar.
35 Contracts to enure to the use of the Crown.
36 Meetings.
(2) Meetings on request of members.
(3) Quorum.
37 Executive officer of the board.
(2) Powers, duties and functions, of the deputy chairman.
(3) Evidential value of certain documents.
38 Keeping of minutes.
(2) Public nature of minutes and records.
39 Institution of legal proceedings.
40 Injunctions, etc., prohibited.
(2) No personal liability.
(3) No liability on board.
41 Liability for failure to provide water.
42 Limitation of time within which action may be brought.
43 Collection of revenues.
44 Banking.
45 Accounting records.
(2) Fiscal year.
46 Funds and expenditures.
47 Application of revenues of the board.
(2) Funds to be held in trust.
(3) Right of board to use funds and securities.
48 Audit.
(2) Special audit.
49 Annual report.
50 Tabling of report in the assembly.
51 Stabilization reserves.
(2) Use of reserves.
52 Taxation charges.
(2) Grant in lieu of cost of municipal services.
53 Emergencies.
(2) Modification of restrictions.
(3) Cessation of delivery.
(4) Entry by distributor.
(5) No breach of contract.
54 Restriction of use.
55 Offence and penalties.
56 Penalties for offences.
57 Penalty for taking water wrongfully.
58 Regulations.
(2) Regulations of to be laid before assembly.
59 Application of Water Rights Act.
(2) Precedence of board under Water Rights Act.
(3) Precedence over other water users.
60 Public Utilities Board Act not applicable.
61 Agreements with Canada.
62 Grants to the board.