R.S.M. 1987, c. V20

The Vacations with Pay Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Application of Act.
3 Crown bound.
4 Annual vacation.
(2) Pay in lieu of vacation.
5 Two weeks vacation.
(2) Employee to meet requirements.
(3) Three weeks vacation.
(4) Employee to meet requirements.
(5) Special holidays.
(6) Where business is sold or merged.
6 Meaning of the year's service.
(2) Service of worker receiving compensation.
(3) Computation of regular working hours.
(4) Beginning of 12 month period.
7 Notice of date of vacation to start.
(2) Time of giving notice.
(3) Vacation within ten months of entitlement.
(4) Period of notice not to form part of vacation.
8 Vacation wages payable.
(2) Calculation of wages of employees on incentive basis.
(3) Inclusion of cash value of board and lodging.
(4) How cash value of board and lodging ascertained.
9 Time of payment of vacation wages.
10 Vacation wages on termination of employment.
11 Vacation allowance on termination of employment.
(2) Vacation wages after 12 months.
12 Plants shut down for vacation period.
(2) Regulations.
(3) Vacations for periods of less than a year.
13 More favourable provisions.
(2) Less favourable provisions.
(3) Secs. 10 and 11 not affected.
14 Reference to board.
(2) Effect of order.
(3) Service of order.
(4) Appeal to Court of Appeal.
15 Repayment to an employer prohibited.
16 Vacation books kept by employer.
(2) Incorporation of vacation book in other books.
17 Inspection of vacation books and obtaining information.
18 Offences and penalties.
19 Vacation wages and allowances a debt.
(2) Vacation pay deemed to be held in trust.
20 Regulations.