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The Threshers' Liens Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. T60

The Threshers' Liens Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Retention of grain to secure payment of charges.
3 Quantity that may be retained.
4 When retention to be ended.
5 Advances to take priority over claim by thresher.
6 Priority of retention.
7 Assertion of right of retention.
(2) Penalty for interfering with right when asserted.
8 Sale of retained grain.
(2) Application of proceeds.
9 Thresher to sell grain in 60 days.
(2) Accounting for sale.
10 Liability of farmer for wages, fuel, and repairs.
(2) Remedies to collect amount due.
(3) Payments to be credited by thresher.
(4) Priority of claims for wages and repairs.
(5) When proceedings to be taken.
(6) When thresher may bring action.
(7) Wages protected from garnishing or attaching order.
11 Proceedings where dispute as to amount of wages, or where claims exceed earnings.
(2) Interpleader.
12 Claimants may join in proceedings.
13 Interpleader between farmer and thresher.
(2) Interpleader.
14 When lien abandoned, payment out of court.
15 Time checks to be furnished to workmen on demand.
(2) Penalty for refusing or neglecting to furnish same.
16 Person holding lien entitled to statement.
(2) Penalty.
17 Copy of Act to be affixed to machine.
(2) Offences.
(Sections 11,13)