R.S.M. 1987, c. T20

The Teachers' Pensions Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
(2) Average annual salary.
(3) Calculation of retirement allowance under former Act.
(4) Period when teacher not eligible under Canada Pension Plan.
2 Period of common-law relationship.
3 Application.
4 Payment of pensions and disability allowances.
5 Retirement allowance under former Act
(2) Disability allowance under former Act
6 Calculation of pension.
(2) Pension at normal retirement age.
(3) Maximum eligibility age.
(4) Pension on retirement.
(5) Pension after age 55.
(6) Pension on retirement after 1984.
(7) Maximum pension.
(8) Determination of designated seven years.
(9) Determination of designated five years of service.
(10) Determination of designated service for part-time service.
(11) Determination of annualized salary in certain cases.
(12) Definition of "part-time service".
7 Service before 1925.
8 Annuity on death of teacher.
(2) Reduction in pension to surviving spouse.
(3) Directions not to pay spouse.
(4) Application of subsec. 10(4).
(5) Application of section.
(6) Service after December 31, 1984.
9 Deferred pension.
(2) Reduction in pensions.
(3) Deferred pensions after 1984.
(4) Subsequent service included.
(5) Allowance increases.
10 Pension adjustments.
(2) Partial pension adjustment.
(3) Interim pension adjustment.
(4) Pension adjustment to beneficiary.
(5) Calculation of benefit index.
(6) Approval of benefit index.
(7) Calculation of pension adjustment.
(8) Actuarial reduction in pension adjustment.
(9) Calculation of adjustment on family division of pension.
11 Guaranteed retirement allowance or other plan.
(2) Amount of pension under alternative plan.
(3) Payment of guaranteed retirement allowance.
(4) Change of designated recipient
(5) Designation by inoperative will.
(6) Where section not to apply.
(7) Pension for married persons.
(8) Definitions.
12 Payment to Winnipeg pensioners.
(2) Payment of supplementary pension.
(3) Maximum pension.
(4) Payment to recipients of special Winnipeg disability allowances.
(5) Payment to special Winnipeg annuitants.
13 Payments to Winnipeg pensioners not entitled to pension under Act.
(2) Servicemen's pensions.
14 Payment of deferred pension.
(2) Deferred Winnipeg pensions.
(3) Idem.
(4) Payment by Winnipeg to trust account.
(5) Refund to Winnipeg.
15 Retirement allowances in special cases.
16 Deferring pension.
(2) Payment of deferred pension.
17 Right to work while receiving pension.
18 Election to continue to earn service.
(2) Effect of election.
19 Total and permanent disability.
(2) Application of section after June 30, 1980.
20 Partial disability allowance.
(2) Application of subsec. (1) after June 30, 1980.
21 Medical certificate.
(2) Report to be furnished.
(3) Medical report.
(4) Disposal of application.
(5) Change of disability allowance.
(6) Effect of re-employment on disability allowance.
(7) Effect of payments under Workers Compensation Act.
(8) No disability allowance until after sick leave used.
22 Monthly instalments.
23 First instalment.
(2) Termination of pension or disability allowance.
24 Reduction in pensions, etc. of persons receiving annuities under Winnipeg pension by-law.
(2) Special employment with Winnipeg division.
25 Deduction of certain insurance premiums.
26 Refund of contributions on ceasing to be teacher.
(2) Postponement of refund.
(3) Refund on death.
(4) Refund on death for service after 1984.
(5) Other benefits on death for service after 1984.
(6) Refunds of contributions under former Act.
(7) Refund of contributions made under former Act and this Act.
(8) Refund after disability allowance.
(9) Accruals on contributions made after 1983.
27 Certain contributions not refundable.
(2) Determination of service for certain purposes.
(3) Certain contributions after 1984 not refundable.
(4) Determination of service for subsec. (3).
28 Lump sum benefit instead of monthly payment.
29 Refund by instalments.
(2) Transfer of contributions to another fund.
30 Refund on death of beneficiaries.
(2) Definition of "contributions" for subsec. (1).
(3) Application of section to additional contributions.
31 Contributions over 50% of commuted value.
(2) Adjustment account credits.
32 Division of pension benefit credit.
(2) Reduction in credits on division of assets.
(3) Reduction of pension on division of assets.
(4) Reduction of death benefit after division of assets.
33 Annuity to surviving spouse.
34 Remittance of refund.
35 Remittance of refund without returning to teaching.
(2) Service credit after returning to teach.
(3) Application of funds for purposes of a reciprocal transfer.
36 Remittance of refund at actuarial cost.
(2) Terms of payment of remittance.
37 Annuity payable from contributions when not otherwise eligible.
38 Remittance of refund for purposes of a reciprocal transfer.
(2) Additional payment for the purpose of a reciprocal transfer.
39 Refund or pension or allowance for extra contributions.
(2) Additional contributions used as remittance.
40 Written application.
(2) Exception.
(3) Applicants to supply information.
(4) Information re: age of others.
41 Continuation of board and appointment of members.
(2) Board a corporation entity.
(3) Corporations Act not to apply.
(4) Capacity of natural person.
(5) Selection of members.
(6) The chairman and vice-chairman.
(7) Quorum.
(8) Authority to act when vacancies occur.
(9) Casting vote.
(10) Remuneration and expenses.
(11) Regulations as to procedure.
(12) Reciprocal arrangements.
(13) "Reciprocating employer" defined.
(14) Reciprocal agreements
(15) Payments under agreements.
42 Continuation of investment committee.
(2) Duties of Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance.
(3) Duties of investment committee.
43 Actuary.
(2) Staff.
44 Payment of administration expenses.
(2) Fees for actuarial expenses.
45 Further powers of board.
(2) Extension of time limits.
(3) Limitation on credit of interest to Account A.
(4) Actuarial appraisals of funds.
(5) Basis of determining actuarial values
(6) Payments to fund.
(7) Payments to fund.
46 Fund continued.
47 Two accounts.
(2) Payments from accounts.
(3) Transfers from Account B to Account A.
(4) Calculation of certain pensions and disability allowances for subsection (3).
(5) Transfer for interest on refunded contributions.
(6) Transfers for amounts paid under subsecs. 26(5) and 32(1).
(7) Treatment of pre-July, 1973 transferred service.
48 Account A
(2) Account B.
49 Pension adjustment account continued.
(2) Teachers contributions to pension adjustment account.
(3) Pension adjustments charged to account.
(4) Interest on pension adjustment account.
(5) Rate of interest.
(6) Transfer of surplus.
50 Investments.
(2) Permissible investments.
(3) Fluctuations in values.
(4) Investments properly held under former Act.
(5) Duties of board respecting investments, records, and accounts.
(6) Sale of investments.
(7) Losses on investments.
(8) Uninvested money.
(9) Authority for temporary borrowing.
51 Fiscal year.
(2) Audit.
(3) Annual report.
(4) Tabling of report in assembly.
52 Teachers' contributions.
(2) Increase in contributions.
(3) Contributions by substitutes.
(4) Contributions from disability income.
(5) Reduction in disability income contributions.
(6) Deduction by school district.
(7) Reports by school districts.
(8) Deductions from Crown employed teachers' salaries.
(9) Deductions from university employees' salaries.
(10) Contributions of teachers under subsec. 60(1).
(11) Exchange teachers' contributions.
(12) Foreign exchange teachers exempt.
53 Transfer of contributions from another fund.
54 Contributions by persons in respect of prior service.
55 Conversion of service from seven year to five year average salary.
(2) Basis of actuary report.
(3) Election of persons teaching beyond pension entitlement.
(4) Transitional.
56 Payment for service at actuarial cost.
(2) Terms of payment of remittance.
57 Payment by province on behalf of former Winnipeg pensioners.
58 Government contributions.
59 Broken periods of service.
(2) Number of teaching months in a year.
(3) Computing fractional years of service.
60 Teaching in foreign countries on exchange or assistance.
(2) Teaching on exchange.
61 Service with M.T.S.
62 Specific periods.
(2) Service for First Great War enlistment.
(3) Period of war service counted years of service as a teacher.
(4) Contributions required for war service in certain cases.
(5) Additional pension applied against required contributions.
(6) Conditions for payment and rate of salary determined by board.
(7) Periods included under former Act.
63 Periods not included in years of service.
(2) Time on disability allowance not included in years of service.
(3) Period on leave of absence
(4) Credit for educational leave.
(5) Late applications for educational leave.
64 "Reciprocating Manitoba employer" defined.
(2) Periods of service to be combined.
(3) Calculation of benefits.
(4) Payment of benefits.
(5) Transfer of moneys to reciprocating Manitoba employer.
(6) Receipt of moneys from reciprocating Manitoba employer.
(7) Accounting for transfers.
(8) Agreements re qualifying service.
(9) Effect of agreement.
65 Eligible employees.
(2) Contribution on becoming eligible employee.
(3) Contributions in respect of salary.
66 Right of eligible employee to pensions
(2) Reduction for an annuity.
67 Additional payment by society.
(2) Payment of fund.
68 Department of Education and Faculty of Education employees continued.
(2) Contribution on making election.
(3) Payments by C. S. S. F. Board.
(4) Contributions to fund in respect of salary.
(5) Salary deemed to be for service as a teacher.
(6) Withdrawal from other pension plan.
(7) Payment by securities.
69 Academic staff becoming employees of department.
(2) Contribution on making election.
(3) Contributions to the fund.
(4) Rights of person making election.
(5) Transfers deemed payment.
70 Payments from fund not subject to debt.
(2) Payments from fund not assignable.
71 Payment to mentally incompetent.
72 Effect of repeal of Winnipeg by-law.
(2) Effect of Repeal of Teachers* Retirement Allowances Act.
73 Regulations.
74 Establishment of money purchase accounts.
(2) Money purchase accounts not liable to general liabilities of board.
(3) Charges to money purchase accounts.
(4) Participation in earnings.
(5) Transfers from money purchase accounts.
(6) Conversion of money purchase accounts to annuity.
(7) Obligations of fund for annuity.
(8) Pension adjustments not to apply to annuities.
(9) Rules.
75 Transfers from Account A to Account B.