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The Steam and Pressure Plants Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. S210

The Steam and Pressure Plants Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Application of Act.
3 Inspections.
(2) Notice of defects.
(3) Regular inspections.
4 Records.
5 Issue of inspection certificates.
(2) Form of inspection certificates.
6 Right of entry.
7 Condemnation.
(2) Ordering repairs.
(3) Giving of notice of condemnation or order.
(4) Receipt of notice.
(5) Prohibition of use.
8 Condemnation where repairs not made.
9 Appeal against inspector's order.
10 Report to the minister.
11 Inspection of sale.
(2) Duty of installer.
(3) Statement by owner.
(4) Statement of vendor.
(5) Inspection after repair or explosion.
12 Owner to allow access for inspection.
(2) Engineer to assist inspector.
13 Boiler or pressure vessel not to be used without certificate.
(2) Where re-inspection not made.
(3) Operation at excessive pressure prohibited.
(4) Posting of certificate.
(5) Offence and penalty.
14 Special inspection.
15 Completion of repairs ordered.
(2) Cessation of user on condemnation.
16 Report on explosion.
(2) Permissible action after explosion.
(3) Offence and penalty.
17 Construction of boiler or pressure vessel.
(2) Inspection certificate required.
18 Offence and penalty.
19 Regulations.
20 Appointment of staff.
21 Annual report.