R.S.M. 1987, c. S165

The Social Services Administration Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Director of Social Security.
3 Social Services Advisory Committee.
(2) Chairman and vice-chairman.
(3) Terms of office.
(4) Quorum.
(5) Remuneration.
(6) Travelling expenses.
(7) Powers and duties of committee.
(8) Secretary.
4 Payment from Consolidated Fund.
5 Inquiries.
6 Minister ex officio member of certain boards.
7 Investigations.
(2) Offence and penalty.
8 Agreement respecting expenditure of grants for welfare of residents.
(2) Agreement respecting expenditure of moneys appropriated for welfare of residents.
(3) Approval of agreement by order in council.
9 Agreements with Canada.
10 Assistance, social services and work activity projects.
(2) Special assistance to certain blind or disabled persons.
11 Authority for agents to provide assistance, etc.
(2) Books and records of agency.
(3) Audit.
(4) Reimbursement of agents.
12 Licence.
(2) No other licence required.
13 Requirement to operate residential care facility.
(2) Application for letter of approval or licence.
(3) Granting of letter of approval or licence.
(4) Granting of letter of approval or licence where facility not hazardous.
(5) Appeal.
(6) Action by committee.
(7) Appeal to court.
(8) Hearing de novo.
14 Powers of licensing authority and inspectors.
15 Validity of prior licences.
16 Penalty.
(2) Continuing offence.
17 Report.
18 Payments to certain recipients of Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement.
(2) Total income.
19 Agreements with Canada.
20 Recovery of payments.
21 Regulations.