R.S.M. 1987, c. S110

The Shops Regulation Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Municipal by-law defining classes of shops.
3 Definitions.
(2) Regulations.
(3) Construction of screen or partition.
4 Municipal by-laws closing shops.
5 By-laws respecting closing hours of gasoline service stations.
(2) Application of subsec. (1).
(3) Agreement for uniform by-law.
(4) By-law implementing agreement.
(5) Application of by-law or agreement to part of rural municipality.
(6) No repeal or amendment of by-law.
6 Closing for weekly holiday or half holiday.
7 Council may alter, amend, or repeal, any by-law.
8 By-law on application of occupiers of shops.
(2) Application of subsec. (1) to gasoline service stations.
(3) Passing of by-law respecting local government district.
(4) Where part of local government district affected.
(5) Application of Act to local government district.
9 Computing number.
10 Regulations as to form and proofs of applications.
11 Presentation of application.
12 Commencement and publication of by-laws.
13 Closing of shops in which several trades are carried on.
(2) Closing time for stores selling groceries.
14 Sales by pharmacists.
(2) Limitation on goods sold in a pharmacy.
15 Supplying articles to lodgers or in emergencies.
16 Liability of agent or servant.
17 Exemption of occupier on conviction of actual offender.
18 By-laws to be deemed to have been passed under Municipal Act.
(2) Application to Winnipeg.
(3) Application of City of Winnipeg Act.
19 Saving clause.
20 Closing by-law bad as to certain classes of shops may be good as to others.
21 Onus of proof on application to quash closing by-laws.