R.S.M. 1987, c. S80

The Seed and Fodder Relief Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Authority to purchase seed and fodder.
3 Appropriation of moneys required.
4 Application on forms provided.
(2) Authority to sell seed or fodder.
(3) Refusal to sell seed or fodder.
5 Applicant to give note.
(2) Description of land.
(3) Constitute lien.
(4) Signature of tenant and owner.
(5) Signature of owner dispensed with.
(6) Amount added to taxes.
(7) Meaning of "owner".
(8) Advance to owner.
(9) Crown as owner.
(10) Power of minister to realize on lien.
(11) Disposition of surplus.
(12) Application by alleged debtor.
(13) Order of restitution, etc.
6 Filing of statement.
(2) No fee for registration.
7 Proof of debt.
8 Application of Municipal Act.
9 Regulations and forms.
10 Offence.
(2) Offence.
(3) Use of motive fuel, etc..
(4) Penalty.