R.S.M. 1987, c. R70

The Religious Societies' Lands Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Resolution, when considered adopted.
3 Holding of lands for church or religious purposes.
(2) Municipal consent to cemetery.
4 Mode of appointment of trustees.
5 Trustees of cemetery need not be same as trustees holding other land.
6 Trustees becoming corporation.
(2) Filing of resolution with minister.
(3) Certified copy as proof.
7 Resolution for change of corporate name.
(2) Filing of resolution.
(3) Proof of matters stated in resolution.
8 Trustee's term of office.
9 Effect of vacancy.
10 Removal and appointment of trustee.
(2) Effect of appointment.
11 Signature and entry of resolution in book.
(2) Copy as proof.
(3) Effect of failure to enter or sign book.
(4) Certified copy as proof.
12 Form of conveyances, etc., to trustees.
(2) Powers of unincorporated trustees.
13 Deeds to trustees heretofore made, valid.
(2) Where several names are used.
14 Time within which conveyance or transfer to trustees must be registered.
(2) Idem.
15 Trustees may mortgage land.
16 Power of trustees to release equity of redemption.
17 May lease land for term not exceeding 21 years.
18 Renewal of lease.
(2) Specification of mode of ascertaining rent or value of improvements.
19 Consent to lease required.
(2) Lease prohibited if land required by society.
20 Power of trustees.
21 Resolution for sale of land.
22 Sanction of judge to sale required.
(2) Second sanction not required.
23 Confirmation of irregular sales.
24 Power of trustees to convey lands.
25 Trustees may transfer property on society uniting with another.
26 Assent to transfer.
(2) Transfer may be sanctioned by judge.
27 Transfer of cemetery to a company for the purpose.
(2) Society may be shareholder in cemetery company.
28 Detailed statement to be shown to society.
29 Power of judge to call trustees to account.
(2) Costs of application.
Form No. 1
Form No. 2
Form No. 3