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The Registry Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. R50

The Registry Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Application of Act to leases.
3 Land titles districts as registration districts.
4 Land titles office as registry office.
5 Powers of district registrars and their deputies.
6 Appointment of officers and staff.
7 Qualifications of deputy of district registrar.
8 Powers of R.P. Act officials.
9 Books, etc., property of Crown.
10 Person wrongfully holding documents subject to attachment.
11 Office hours and registration hours.
12 Registry office officials acting as agents, conveyancers, etc.
(2) Saving.
13 Action against registrar for compensation.
(2) Act of clerk is act of registrar.
(3) Action in name of office.
14 Notice of action.
15 Minister of Finance to pay judgment.
16 District registrar not liable for acts bona fide done.
17 Instruments which may be registered.
18 No further registrations of Crown grants under old system.
(2) Limitation on conveyances.
19 Registration of instruments affecting Crown lands.
20 Certified copy of document as evidence of original document.
(2) Fund and registrar not liable for loss.
(3) Statutory declarations to accompany farm instruments.
(4) Registrar to refuse registration in certain cases.
(5) Registrar may refuse registration.
(6) Non-application of subsections (3) to (14).
(7) Regulations.
(8) Regulations prescribing forms.
(9) Exemption from providing information.
(10) Declaration not to form part of instrument.
(11) Who may make statutory declaration.
(12) Meaning of certain expressions.
(13) Meaning of "non-resident".
(14) Farm Lands Ownership Act to be complied with.
21 Notice of sale, etc.
(2) Attachment of documents.
22 Hudson's Bay Co. deeds.
23 Judgments and orders.
24 Municipal by-laws.
25 Registration of certified copies.
26 Quebec notarial copies of documents.
(2) No further proof of execution required.
27 Affidavit of execution on instruments.
(2) Contents of affidavit.
28 Affidavit of witness.
29 Execution by grantor, but not by grantee, must be verified.
30 Persons forbidden to receive affidavits, etc.
(2) Making and signing of affidavits.
31 Proof may be by affidavit» affirmation» or declaration.
32 Names in affidavit.
33 Effect of insufficient description of witness or clerical error in affidavit.
34 Subscribing witness compellable to make proof of execution on being tendered expenses.
35 Proof of execution in certain cases.
(2) Registration.
36 Memorandum of address.
(2) Registered address.
(3) Change of address.
37 Proof of execution of document by company.
38 Original instrument must be produced, except when otherwise provided.
39 Certificate to be endorsed on instrument.
40 Certain defects in prior registrations cured.
(2) Authority of registrar in case of failures or omissions.
41 Entries in abstract books.
(2) Method of entries.
(3) No abstract for General Register or Deposit Register.
42 Registration of documents lis pendens previously registered.
43 Copies of old books.
(2) Obliterated pages copied.
(3) Copy of book as evidence.
(4) Print-out of entry as evidence.
(5) Copies of pages as evidence.
(6) Original books to be preserved.
(7) Order to repair books, etc.
44 Microfilm of instrument.
(2) Printed reproductions as evidence.
(3) Destruction of instruments after microfilming.
(4) Microfilm in place of instrument.
(5) Destruction of documents.
45 Certificate of discharge of mortgage.
(2) Effect of certificate of discharge.
(3) Mortgage registered in more than one district.
(4) Certificate of partial discharge of mortgage.
(5) Details to be contained in deed or certificate.
46 Registrar-General may order discharge of mortgage in certain cases.
47 Subdivided land to be brought under Real Property Act.
(2) Meaning of "subdividing".
(3) Refusal to register conveyance that subdivides.
(4) Mineral interest to be under The Real Property Act.
48 Duplicate to be forwarded to Registrar-General.
49 Streets, parks, etc., on registered plans dedicated to public.
50 Registrar-General may certify copies of plans as true copies.
51 Correction of registered plan.
52 Plans to be sworn to and satisfactory to examiner of surveys.
(2) Plans for simplifying description of land.
53 Registration operates as notice notwithstanding defect in proof for registration.
54 Corporation mortgages, etc., subject to this Act or Real Property Act.
55 Priority of registration without actual notice to prevail.
56 Effect of omitting to register.
57 Time within which wills or their probates must be registered to maintain their priority.
58 Time within which sheriffs deeds must be registered.
59 Invalidity of certain equitable liens.
60 Operation of registered marriage contracts and judgments granting separation de biens.
61 Institution of legal proceedings not notice until certificate registered.
62 Certified copies of plans and instruments.
63 Certified copies of registered instruments as evidence.
64 Registration of certified copies.
65 Searches.
66 Fees to be charged by district registrars.
(2) Government not to pay any fees.
67 District registrar account.
68 Schedule of fees to be posted up in office.
SCHEDULE A (Section 39)
(Section 45)
(Section 52)
SCHEDULE D (Section 61)