R.S.M. 1987, c. P300

The Public Works Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Public works under control of minister.
(2) Power to proclaim public works.
(3) Construction and repair of public works.
3 Acquisition of property for public works.
(2) Disposal of surplus property.
(3) Disposal of property under $25,000. in value.
(4) "Trade-in" not a sale.
(5) Proceeds of sale.
(6) Land dealt with under Crown Lands Act.
(7) Land transferred to minister.
4 Management of buildings and staff thereof.
5 Closing for repairs.
(2) Offence for removing notice.
6 Agreement for removal of objects from adjacent land.
7 Restriction on heights of buildings.
(2) Penalty.
(3) Definitions.
8 Power of minister as to contracts.
(2) Duty to invite tenders.
(3) Where lowest tender not accepted.
(4) Execution of contracts.
(5) Security for performance of contracts.
(6) Contracts to enure to Her Majesty.
9 Power of minister to acquire supplies.
(2) Control of supplies by minister.
10 Power of minister to lease supplies.
(2) Disposal of rentals.
11 Sale of sand and gravel.
(2) Moneys from sale of sand and gravel from purchased lands.
(3) Moneys from sale of gravel from Crown lands.
12 Actions brought by Attorney-General.
13 Arbitration.
(2) Where tender not accepted.
(3) Security.
(4) Appeal.
(5) No arbitration where minister has power to decide.
14 Injury to public works.
(2) Order for repair of damage.
(3) Work done by minister.
15 Preparation of plans, etc., for public work.
(2) Certified copies of plans, etc.
16 Annual report.
17 Power of minister to require delivery of plans, etc.
18 Costs paid from Cons. Fund.
19 Definitions.
20 Parking areas.
(2) Parking decals.
(3) Parking and traffic control devices.
(4) Form of devices and tags.
(5) Authority of minister and peace officer.
(6) Regulations Act not applicable.
21 Prohibitions.
22 Removal of unauthorized persons or things.
(2) Disposal of things removed.
(3) Crown not liable.
23 Liability of vehicle owner.
24 Offence and penalty.
25 Application of section 5 of Summary Convictions Act.
(2) Minimum fine for certain offences.
26 Regulations.