R.S.M. 1987, c. P275

The Public Trustee Act

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Table of Contents

1 Appointment of Public Trustee.
(2) Public Trustee a corporation.
(3) Appointment of staff.
2 Public Trustee is official guardian.
(2) Public Trustee next friend or guardian ad litem.
(3) Access to medical reports.
(4) Additional duties as official guardian.
3 Settlements on behalf of infants.
(2) Appeals by Public Trustee.
(3) Costs of Public Trustee.
(4) Payment as court directs.
4 Public Trustee to represent estate in proceedings.
(2) Other parties, etc. may be joined.
(3) Fee of Public Trustee.
(4) Proceedings under a mortgage.
(5) Investigation by Public Trustee.
(6) Service of communication.
(7) Information to be given official.
(8) Costs of Public Trustee.
5 Appointment under Queen's Bench Surrogate Practices Act.
6 Filing of notice by Public Trustee.
(2) Form of notice.
(3) Subsequent filings prohibited.
(4) Withdrawal of notice.
(5) Form of withdrawal.
7 Receipt of certain moneys by Public Trustee.
8 Right to disburse maintenance.
9 Acceptance and execution of trust.
10 Deposit of moneys.
11 Establishment of common funds.
(2) Authority to invest in common funds.
(3) Investment of moneys in common fund.
(4) Investment with Minister of Finance.
(5) Interests in common.
(6) Fees and expenses of public trustee.
(7) Allotting income.
12 No security required.
13 Charitable and public trusts.
14 Allowances to Public Trustee.
(2) Charges for staff services.
15 Payment out of Consolidated Fund.
(2) Payment into Consolidated Fund.
16 Liability for losses.
17 Audit.
18 Delegation of authority.
(2) Delegation of authority for medical consent.
19 Annual report.
20 Regulations.