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The Provincial Auditor's Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. P145

The Provincial Auditor's Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Appointment of Provincial Auditor.
3 Salary.
(2) Reduction of salary.
4 Term of office.
(2) Removal or suspension.
(3) Suspension when Legislature not in session.
(4) Definition of "political party".
5 Assistant Provincial Auditor.
(2) Employment of staff.
(3) Contract for professional services.
6 Application of Civil Service Superannuation
(2) Provincial Auditor not under Civil Service Act.
(3) Employees under Provincial Auditor.
(4) Conflict with Civil Service Act.
7 Supervision.
(2) Suspension of employees.
(3) Delegation of authority.
(4) Costs payable from Consolidated Fund.
8 Powers of Provincial Auditor.
(2) Stationing of staff.
(3) Security requirements.
9 Examination under oath.
10 Audit of payments.
(2) Accounts in accord with grants.
(3) Departmental certification.
11 Certificate of legislative authority.
(2) Opinion of Attorney-General.
(3) Reference on refusal to certify.
(4) Where pre-audit not practical.
12 Examination of accounts.
(2) Audit of other public moneys.
(3) Report to ministers.
(4) Report to officials.
13 Report to assembly.
(2) Content of report.
(3) Submission of report.
(4) Distribution of report to members of assembly.
(5) Special report to assembly.
14 Report on government statements.
15 Special audits.
(2) Outside auditor employed for special audits.
16 Payments for special audits.
(2) Determination of costs.
17 Reliance on report of other auditors.
(2) Provincial Auditor may request information.
(3) Direction from L. G. in C.
(4) Inspection audit.
(5) Obstruction of Provincial Auditor.
18 Submission of annual estimate.
(2) Special report.
19 Audit of Office of Provincial Auditor.