R.S.M. 1987, c. N110

The Noxious Weeds Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Declaration of noxious weeds.
3 General duty to destroy weeds.
(2) Duty for earthwork.
(3) Duty for departmental roads.
(4) Duty for other roads.
(5) Land adjacent to water.
4 Threshing machines to be cleaned.
(2) Copy of section to be affixed to machine.
5 Duty respecting farm machines.
(2) Inspection of farm machines.
6 Duty respecting elevators and mills.
7 Duty respecting public places.
8 Powers of inspector by notice.
(2) Service of notice.
9 Notice to owner forbidding rental.
(2) Contents of notice.
(3) Service of notice.
(4) Method of service.
(5) Change of ownership of no effect.
(6) Liability of owner.
10 Power to declare land a weed infested area.
(2) Agreement with owner providing for eradication.
(3) Power of municipality to enter on land and eradicate weeds.
(4) Term of agreement.
(5) Application of proceeds of crops.
11 Inspectors.
(2) Duration of appointment.
(3) Notice of appointment of inspector.
12 Remuneration for inspector.
13 Sub-inspector.
14 Where municipality refuses or neglects to appoint.
(2) Inspector appointed by minister.
(3) Refusal of inspector to act.
(4) Inspector incompetent.
(5) Additional inspectors as minister may require.
(6) Temporary assumption of duties by minister.
15 Action on default of municipality.
16 Unorganized territory.
17 Duties of inspector.
(2) Service of notice.
(3) Contents of notice.
(4) Service of notice.
18 Service on agent.
19 Refusal to comply with notice.
(2) Destruction of weeds by inspector.
(3) Destruction of ripening seeds.
(4) Destruction of weeds without notice.
20 Newspaper notice for subdivided area.
(2) Inspector's Expenses.
21 Cutting down crops under three acres.
(2) Cutting down crops over three acres.
22 Right of entry and inspection.
23 Liability for work done.
24 Report of inspectors.
(2) Additional report.
(3) Special reports.
25 Payment of expenses.
26 Statement of inspector's expenses.
(2) Expenses not included.
27 Municipal council to review expenditures.
(2) Expenses collected as taxes.
(3) Limitation on amount collected.
28 Special levy in certain cases.
(2) Notice to be served.
(3) Charge added to tax roll.
(4) Collection of taxes.
(5) Saving clause.
(6) Recommendation by inspector.
(7) Cancellation of levies.
29 Expenditure of municipality.
30 Recovery by municipality.
31 Weed Control Board.
(2) Members.
(3) Grants and expenditures.
(4) Part of local government district.
(5) Delegation of authority to board.
(6) Appointment of weed supervisors.
(7) Appointment of secretary-treasurer.
32 Section not to apply.
33 Obstruction of inspector an offence.
34 Contravention of Act an offence.
35 Failure to obey notice an offence.
36 Penalty.
(2) Liability of officers.
37 Saving clause re notices.
38 Lien for money expended.
(2) Priority of lien.
39 Appointment of Weed Control Advisory Board.
(2) Payment of expenses.
40 Regulations.
41 Expenditures out of Consolidated Fund.
42 Crown bound.