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The Museum of Man and Nature Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. M270

The Museum of Man and Nature Act

Table of Contents

1 Continuation of corporation.
2 Head office.
3 Purposes.
4 Power to acquire property.
5 Donations to corporation.
6 Board of Trustees to have custody and management of money, securities or property.
7 Administration assets of corporation.
(2) Investments by Board of Trustees.
(3) Refusal of gifts.
8 Appointment of Board of Trustees.
(2) Term of office of trustees.
(3) Term of first trustees.
(4) Chairman and vice-chairman of Board of Trustees.
(5) Quorum of Board of Trustees.
9 Borrowing by corporation.
10 Profit of members.
11 Membership.
12 By-laws, rules and regulations.
13 By-laws respecting members of boards.
14 Board of corporation.
15 Term of appointed board members.
(2) Term of elected board members.
16 Application of Corporations Act